Roofing work

Tired of looking for leads on kijiji? Look no further. I have an exciting idea for generating leads that I would like to test with a roofing company in the Winnipeg area ( or someone looking to start a roofing company works even better) I have tested this out in various other niches, however due to recent events I must change my approach completely.

I myself am located in Toronto, but fortunately this can all be done virtually. I am looking for one company… and ONE company only( no, this isn’t one of the scarcity methods where I say I’m only selecting one and end up choosing everyone)

The setup of this project will take around 3-6 months ( I am not promising overnight success) and it will involve a lot of tedious hours on my end before the leads come flying in. All the work will be done free of charge, until the results begin to come in ( I am very upfront as to how much I will be charging once the calls start coming in)

I will be building you a new website from scratch FREE of charge ( Feel free to keep your old one, however I will need to create one exclusively for this project) and create a lead machine

Please start your response with the following phrase “purple donkey” so that I know you have read everything through and through. I am most interested in finding out your current client acquisition strategy, how much you spend monthly on marketing ( If anything at all) and your goals for the future.

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