Roofing repairs and smaller jobs

I specialize in repairs but I will also renovate the entire roof of smaller homes and garages. I have almost 30 years of experience Roofing in Winnipeg. It takes this experience to properly install the latest roofing products in critical areas, such as; Plumbing Stack Conversions. All homes have one, or multiple Plumbing Stacks that protrude through the roof as per building code. There is usually a 20 inch square ‘lead mat’ that surrounds the protruding cast pipe, which is oval shaped. I have two solutions for this: The First Solution: 1 . Remove the lead mat, and if the cast “bowl” does not protrude too high above the roof line, a heavy duty exterior sealant is applied generously along the inner edge inside the cast bowl. 2. A 4 inch by 2 foot ABS pipe is embedded at the base into the mass of sealant. 3. A Large Thermal Plastic flange is then slid over the ABS pipe giving the 2 foot pipe two solid points of contact. The shingles are then installed appropriately. The Second Solution: 1. The existing cast bowl may be too high above the roof line, or compromised in some way. The cast is strong but brittle and can often have existing cracks or breaks. 2. The roof decking is removed cutting across three rafters allowing me to reach safely into the attic to carefully cut the cast pipe below the roof line. 3. A Fernco Plumbing Collar is installed directly onto the cast pipe with a heavy duty screw clamp. 4. A length of ABS pipe is measured to protrude above the roof line 20 to 24 inches. The end of the pipe fits into the upward end of the Fernco coupler and is screw-clamped firmly in place. 5. The roof deck is then reinstalled with a Thermal Plastic flange going over the pipe and the roof is shingled, weaving the flange under two rows of shingles above, and two rows below, for a ‘down water seam’ Other tradesman will tackle a roof or two per year, but their attention to these critical areas are often overlooked. Here are some examples of Roofing oversights that commonly occur from inexperience: * Chimneys; —————- Improper transition flashing, Improper sealant used * Exhaust vents; ————-Incorrect roof jack if it has no “one way flapper’ inside, or the hose attached to the ceiling fan inside may not be insulated. * Roof ventilation; ———– Oversights by inexperience or cutting corners here may include not evaluating the proper ratio of attic square footage to vents installed. or not balancing the “intake vents”, meaning bottom vents which are often in the soffit overhang, with the top or “exhaust” vents. Or, when the roof is stripped off to the decking, and new roof vents are ready to install, each existing vent hole should be cut larger, but in most cases, it rarely is. This only touches on a few of the many potential problems that a customer risks by going with “the cheapest guy” or even the honest guy who just doesn’t actually realize he’s overlooking one or several of the above examples, neglecting the “critical points” of your roof. Please call or text or email, 204-590-6422 Thank you!

Published at Sat, 21 Jul 2018 05:41:58 -0400