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Ultra High Efficiency Rotary Phase Converter giving you cost effective 3 phase power.

Experience the Difference with American Rotary.

The best voltage tolerance in the market Guaranteed 5% with up to 2% achievable, perfect for Computerized machinery and CNC equipment.With our patented VIT Generator technology we get a Soft Start rating reducing load on your service. This is achieved by reducing inrush current (and operating cost) by 83%.over other phase converters using motors for idlers.


Capable of running loads from 1hp to 300hp.Most sizes in stock ready for pickup or delivery.

Don’t get caught buying yesterday’s technology

The ADX series phase converters have current control to provide consistent torque while starting high inertia, extremely hard starting loads, yet are precise enough for CNC applications. American Rotary engineers the entire phase converter system to provide optimum performance. Our variable impedance generator (VIT)TM and MicroSmartTM controller combine to make the most powerful and precise rotary phase converter on the market.

Our CTR (Current Transient Reactor) along with the MicroSmart controller allows high currents to be drawn through the phase converter (for high torque) while maintaining voltage and power.

SmartTM Control: Programmable SmartTM Controller provides precise control of the phase converter. Digital control provides better voltage balance, prolonged life of the converter, significantly more load starting capacity (ADX), and several fail safe features only available in the American Rotary’s SmartTM Series Phase Converters.

Gentec VITTM Generator: Stable Voltage & Sinewaves 3-phase motors just don’t cut it when it comes to Phase Converters. The VITTM Induction Generator, by design, balances power factor and phase angles which ultimately lead to true, undistorted sine waves and more stable voltages.

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