34 year old Roofer looking for a few roofs to do this year

I am looking to get a few roof jobs this year, I used to own a roofing company years ago and now I just want to do the odd roof. If you would like a guy who has 15+ years experience in the roofing industry at a very reasonable rate to do your roof, let me know and I will see if your project will fit my criteria. I am very transparent and my first goal is to make you feel completely at ease with me, because when you understand who I am, it makes the process easier and more relaxed for both of us. I am giving you a new roof over your head and I understand that it’s a major investment. So I can document what I do with pictures so you can see exactly what I found and how I protected your investment for years to come. If I can’t help you personally, I will be sure to hook you up with a reputable roofer since I still have tons of connections. Just send me a message when your ready for me to come take a look at your roof.

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